The Artist’s Orchard is pleased to announce the release of author Marylu Zuk’s Whose A&& Is That?, a storybook for women.

While getting ready to cover an outdoor P.R. event a few years ago, Marylu used the old two-mirror trick to see how she looked from the back.  ‘Oh my God! Whose @ss is that?!’ she screamed. Believing that she couldn’t possibly be the only woman surprised by a view from that angle, the light bulb went off and her first book, Whose A&& Is That? was conceived.

Filled with Traycee Bosle’s adorably whimsical illustrations, it makes the perfect gift for your best friend, favorite aunt, and any gal pal with a sense of humor.

If I were a man would I still obsess about the size of my can every time I undress?  ~ mlz