Marylu Zuk - AuthorHaving spent the early part of her career in the sometimes friendly skies, author Marylu Zuk perfected the art of smiling through anything –  at least until she was out of the passenger’s sight. (Really sir?  You actually need me to buckle your seat belt for you?) This skill came in handy as she moved from the airline industry to higher education.

Working as a recruiter for a Pittsburgh-based career college, she climbed the recruitment ladder from road-warrior to enrollment VP before realizing that her circuitous career path (babysitter, playground supervisor, flight attendant, classroom presenter, sales manager) while continually elevating in title and salary, it essentially carried the same job responsibilities – maintain order and keep people happy.  Having worked for the airlines at a time when your weight, piercings and fingernail length were scrutinized daily, her story gives every woman permission to relax her abs, exhale and laugh at what we rarely see – our own backsides!

Marylu Zuk from Beaver Falls, PA, is a graduate of Yavapai College and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and currently resides in Pittsburgh’s South Hills with her husband and son.

Currently narrowing topics for her next book, Marylu also works with clients in education research, higher-ed recruitment consulting, and creative communications project management.